Board of Directors and Staff


Board of Directors

Dianne Brown, Secretary
Thomas G. Cronin, Vice Chair
Kevin D’Arcy
Walter B. Frame II
Lisa Hagerty, Board Chair
Barry Pius, Treasurer


Spruce Peak Arts Staff
Hope Sullivan,
Executive Director
Lindsay Baldwin, Deck Hand
John Bauer, Director of Production
Kevin Bloom, Sound Engineer
Jenny Davidson, Director of Marketing and Business Partnerships
Paula Dunnivant, Facilities and Stage Manager
Victoria Dutcher, House Manager
Belinda Emerson, Lighting Engineer
Hayley Fien, Associate
Kelly Holt, Art Curator and Social Media Manager
Jason Horne, Sound Engineer
Joe Luty, Deck Hand
Julianne Nickerson, Education and Services Director
Emily Pike, Deck Hand

Meghan Reichelt, Marketing Associate 
Shona Sladyk, Ticket Associate
Patti Spence, Ticketing Associate
Maureen White, Financial Manager