Become a Sponsor

Businesses Working Together – Together We Improve Our Community

The Performing Arts Center is a vital member of our regional business community. We offer public performances nearly every Saturday evening, entertaining all kinds of people with differing interests and backgrounds. We market Stowe nationwide – 45% of attendees travel longer than an hour. We bring regional school kids for subsidized curricular-based events in our partnership with the Flynn Center. We provide free stage time to our school bands, and subsidize community fundraisers. We host business meetings and conferences. We offer employee discount programs in cooperation with your Human Resources unit. Together, we make a strong community.

Recruit, Retain, and Reward Employees

Your business demands skilled staff. You invest to train them. An investment in Spruce Peak Arts Center Foundation helps you to keep them. With a Corporate Partnership, we provide free and discounted tickets for your employees to enjoy the performing arts center.

Show, And Tell

When you partner with the Performing Arts Center you show your commitment to our region’s quality of life. In response, we tell our nearly 25,000 guests of your belief in their well-being. Together we make a difference!

For information on Season, Series or Event Sponsorship, or other opportunities of corporate stewardship, contact Hope Sullivan, Executive Director, – 802-760-4635.