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    Patti Casey & Colin McCaffreyDecember 5 @ 07:00 pm

    Patti Casey and Colin McCaffrey are two of Vermont’s most beloved musical treasures, having created individually and together an artistic landscape as ruggedly beautiful as the Green Mountains of Vermont, where they both grew up. Gorgeous vocal harmonies and rock solid acoustic instrumental work – both are internationally known as award-winning songwriters and singers – together their ease and humor onstage give you a chance to catch your breath from the last song, which may just have taken it away. 

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    Dave Keller’s You Get What You Give CD Release ConcertDecember 19 @ 07:00 pm

    Dave Keller – the award-winning singer, guitarist and songwriter is known for his trademark Southern soul and blues music. His latest release is born from witnessing our nation’s anger and pain following George Floyd’s murder in June. Keller turned to a place of solace… music and set forth to work on a new album to raise money for racial justice and equity. With a call to his vast musical community on social media for musicians interested in collaborating, Keller received offers from dozens of musicians eager to participate, and a slew of pre-orders for the album. Sidelined by the pandemic from live performances, Keller and friends dug in deeply on a labor of love, hope and healing. The result: You Get What You Give – a tribute featuring Keller and twenty-one artists encompassing a diversity of styles, backgrounds, ages, genders, and ethnicities. Some of the collaborators are known around the world.  Some are known only locally. But all deeply treasured friends and respected musicians from Keller’s musical journey. This concert features Dave Keller and band members Ira Friedman, Alex Budney, and Jay Gleason. Together they will bring their trademark passion and integrity to the stage, to honor the work of his collaborators and bear witness to the racial inequalities in our nation.

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    Winter Concert Series – Ali McGuirkJanuary 23, 2021

    Ali McGuirk commands the room with her dynamic voice and heartfelt songwriting. Blending classic soul power with folk songwriter lyricism, Ali has the rare ability to silence a room with just a few words of a song. With a vocal style rooted deeply in improvisation, her sets are a hypnotic and intimate emotional journey. Her debut album, Slow Burn earned her recognition as one of New England’s most compelling artists and Ali has been bringing her music to national audiences ever since, leading her award winning band, serenading solo with her electric guitar and finding inspiration in unexpected collaborations.

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