2019 Line-Up of Films

Friday, October 25 @ 7pm Screening:

Return to Earth: A feature mountain bike film about the simple act of living in those moments. A cinematic journey connected by true to life examples set by riders of all ages around the world, the film will show that when we lose track of time, we make the most of it. From Anthill Films, released in Summer 2019 featuring riders: Brett Rheeder, Ryan Howard, Casey Brown, Brandon Semenuk, Thomas Vanderham, Matt Hunter Jackson Goldstone, Jakob Jewett, Dane Jewett, Tahnee Seagrave, Kaos Seagrave, Kade Edwards, Joey Schusler, Thomas Genon, Emil Johansson, Reed Boggs, and Carson Storch. 47 minutes

Romance: The final chapter of annual films by Level 1, captures a modern-day Golden Age in skiing. Featuring a generation of talent that came of age in the best time to ever do it. Tweaking the formula, tweaking the grab, and in it for nothing but the love.In 1999 the old sport of skiing had just been given the best time to ever do it. Tweaking the formula, tweaking the grab, and in it for nothing but the love.In 1999 the old sport of skiing had just been given new life, and Level 1 was conceived to document its progress into the future. With twenty years in the rear-view mirror it still stands true- new things never get old.

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Mountainfilm on Tour – Stowe

Saturday, October 26 @ 3pm Screening Line-up (in alpha order):

A Grand Journey: Born with a rare birth defect, Brazinski uses a prosthetic leg for walking. “My parents did an awesome job of never telling me I was different, or that I couldn’t do something,” says the former competitive freerider. When knee pain curtailed her skiing, it could have spelled the end of outdoor pursuits. Instead, she doubled down, setting the grandest of objectives. Directed by: Amon Barker (USA, 2018/Duration: 10 mins)

Cowboy: Cowboys and chairlifts are both iconic to the American West. Here’s where they meet. Directed by: Clayton Vila (USA, 2019/Duration: 3 mins)

Every Nine Minutes: A blue whale weighs roughly 300,000 pounds. Every nine minutes, approximately 300,000 pounds of plastic waste makes its way into our oceans. To raise awareness of this issue, a group of artists create a life-sized sculpture of a blue whale made of single-use plastic trash sourced from the Bay Area. Directed by: DJ O’Neil, Oliver Hamilton (USA, 2018/Duration: 5 mins):

GRIZZLY COUNTRY: During his time as a Green Beret medic in the Vietnam War, eco-warrior and author Doug Peacock looked at a map of the Montana and Wyoming wilderness for comfort. He vowed that if he got out alive, he would go see those wild places for himself. Peacock not only visited, but spent years in solitude there, filming his only companions — grizzly bears. The man who inspired The Monkey Wrench Gang’s iconic character George Washington Hayduke has made it his life’s work to save the habitat of these majestic animals, who remind us that humans’ place is not at the top of the food chain. Directed by: Ben Moon (USA, 2018Duration: 12 mins)

MISSION DOLOMITES with Kilian Bron: French freerider Kilian Bron takes his mountain bike on a via ferrata in the Dolomites, where he faces impossibly tight turns, hair-raising exposure and massive consequences for the smallest error in line choice. No you didn’t, Kilian Bron. Yes, he did. Directed by: Kilian Bron (France, 2018/Duration: 6 mins)

Queen Maud Land: Antarctica is cold, unfriendly, remote, breathtakingly beautiful and, by virtue of those characteristics, rife for expeditions. That’s exactly what draws a dream team of climbers to decamp for three weeks to Queen Maud Land, a chain of outrageous rock spires that leap out of the frozen continent’s snowy expanse. Alex Honnold, Conrad Anker, Jimmy Chin and the others venture out onto these spires, where they encounter massive off-width cracks, crumbly rock, big-wall style objectives, bone-chilling cold and a reminder that even suffer fests at the bottom of the world can offer an unforgettable good time. Directed by: Taylor Keating, Cedar Wright (USA, 2018/Duration: 28 mins)

The Wild Inside: “Saying goodbye to an animal – it’s hard,” says Chris, who is leaving Florence, Ariz. State Prison after serving a six-year sentence. He’s one of 30 minimum-security participants in the prison’s pioneering Wild Horse Inmate Program, working five days a week to “gentle” the wild mustangs, which are saved from slaughter. Training them as saddle horses keeps recidivism at bay in Arizona, where inmates face a 49 percent chance of reincarceration within five years. Since 2012, only three of the prison’s 53 WHIP trainers are back behind bars. Directed by: Andrew Michael Ellis (USA, 2019/Duration: 15 mins)

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Mountainfilm on Tour – Stowe

Saturday, October 26 @ 7pm Screening Line-up (in alpha order):

Akuna: “I didn’t think I had a future,” Will Robinson says of coming home from Iraq with PTSD and injuries. For 12 years, he endured the dead ends of medication-and-alcohol abuse and ineffective therapy. Then inspiration struck. He tackled the Pacific Crest Trail, then the Appalachian Trail, walking 3,800 miles on his own path to recovery. “Hiking gave me the ability to be the person that I always was, the confident person who was capable of doing anything,” says Robinson, whose trail name is Akuna.  Directed by: Jess Colquhoun (USA, 2018/Duration: 6 mins)

All In: Alaska Heli Skiing Segment: Tune in for a tutorial on how to absolutely shred Alaskan spines. Directed by: Scott Gaffney (USA, 2018/Duration: 4 mins)

Broken:  Jon Wilson lost a leg to cancer at 23. He found joy some years later by developing a solitary routine of skinning and climbing up a ski mountain on his remaining leg, at night, and skiing back down. Wilson wrote and narrates this tone poem about perseverance and the unexpected gift that came from having been “broken.” Directed by: Simon Perkins (USA, 2019/Duration: 7 mins)

Brotherhood of Skiing: The Brotherhood of Skiers has been bringing camaraderie and dance parties to the slopes since 1973. The annual summits, which unite African-American ski clubs across the country, are fundraisers for youth programs to pass the love of skiing down to the next generation. First born of necessity — safety in numbers in the aftermath of the civil rights movement — four decades later, the Brotherhood of Skiers is still creating a safe space and upending stereotypes. Directed by: Tyler Wilkinson-Ray, Colin Arisman (USA, 2018/Duration: 10 mins)

Danny Daycare: So long coloring books and cartoons. Goodbye stuffed animals and nap time. Danny MacAskill is your new favorite babysitter ever. Directed by: Stu Thompson (Scotland, 2019/Duration: 4 mins)

Ikigai: The Shin Biyajima Story: When American professional snowboarder Travis Rice visits his friend Shin Biyajima in Nagano, Japan, the two join up to snowboard some of the best tree runs on the planet. But Biyajima’s life as a professional snowboarder is not just about chasing chest-deep powder. It’s about facing challenges, following his own path and appreciating the divine spirit in nature. In snowboarding, Biyajima has found his motivating force, his ikigai — or reason for being. Directed by: Justin Taylor Smith (USA, 2018/Duration: 16 mins)

Jágrlama: In the high steppe of Little Tibet, a young boy develops an unlikely obsession: ice hockey. He fashions pucks out of stones, trains on homemade skates and worships Czech hockey icon Jaromír Jágr. And he has his heart set on an outsized dream. Directed by: Marek Partys (Czech Republic/Duration: 2 mins)

Life of Pie: It wasn’t long ago that the small Colorado town of Fruita was solely a hub of agriculture and oil and gas development. But singletrack shredders and pizza chefs Jen Zeuner and her partner Anne Keller have helped to transform the high-desert town into a mountain biking hotspot with their Hot Tomato Café. It wasn’t always easy — some residents of conservative Fruita weren’t quite ready for their “lifestyle” at first. But the women’s delicious East Coast-style pizza — and the love they put into making it — have made them indispensable members of the community and turned the Hot Tomato into the living room of the Grand Valley’s outdoor recreation industry. Directed by: Ben Knight, Travis Rummel (USA, 2019/Duration: 12 mins)

Mentors: Hilaree Nelson. It may be tempting to think of the world of ski mountaineering as one dominated by brawn. With, admittedly, some brain requirements to help mitigate serious risk factors. But, beauty? Is there room in this burly, testosterone-fueled world for the feminine? And not just for the token female, but for many of the fairer sex? As a pioneer in this often rough-and-tough milieu, Telluride’s own Hilaree Nelson has an unequivocal answer and shows us, by her personal example, how women can do anything men can do (…and better). Directed by: Taylor Rees (USA, 2018/Duration: 5 mins)

The Mystery of Now. The San Carlos Reservation in southeast Arizona is known by the dubious nickname of “Hell’s Forty Acres.” Today, though, pride, creativity and expression are vibrant among its young people. And much of that is thanks to the unifying force of Apache Skateboards, founded by Douglas Miles Sr. — an artist and community leader whose stony countenance belies a font of wisdom. This gritty, mystical profile of Miles shines a light on a community where art, agency, faith, skateboarding and tradition have planted the seeds of resurrection. Directed by: Audrey Buchanan (USA, 2019/Duration: 17 mins)

The Running Pastor. Sverri Steinholm grew up chasing sheep up and down the rugged, breathtaking slopes of the Faroe Islands. Today he is a pastor of the Lutheran Church, the dominant religion on the island. He is also a compulsive runner, finding solace and spiritual refuge from personal conflicts and the burdens of priesthood on the trails and roads of his homeland. He may inhabit a very different world, but his words will ring true to anyone who has found peace in nature. “Somehow I am driven to it,” he says. “The body needs it, or my soul, my mind.” Directed by: Tim Kemple (USA, 2019/Duration: 9 mins)

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