2021-2022 Spruce Peak Lights Festival

Spruce Peak Lights Festival tree graphic

design by Sally Stetson

In 2021 the Spruce Peak Lights Festival looked a little bit different!  Propelled by the need to replace theatre lighting systems, we are launching the “See Your Name in Lights” campaign using the fifth anniversary of the Lights Festival to raise money to light up the theatre.

This campaign raised $35,000 in funds to:

  • Improve efficiency and dramatically reduce energy use and costs (by more than 70%)
  • Improve theatre accessibility and safety for our patrons with audience lighting improvements
  • Enable us to Meet the creative demands of today’s artists with upgraded stage lighting

Thank you to the individuals and businesses who joined in to make this campaign a success!!! For details on the project, click here.  And the full list of supporters is listed here.