Après Chic at the Peak Thank You

Thank you to all who made the first Après Chic at the Peak a fabulous evening of celebration and support for the Spruce Peak Performing Arts Center! Together we are building a strong foundation for the arts in our region!

We are so grateful to the fantastic community that came together to create this evening of animated supported. Together, we raised more than $25,000!

Our heartfelt thanks to all those who made this possible the Après Chic Host Committee, Volunteers and Sponsors!

Dianne Brown, Gala Chair

Après Chic Host Committee
Alicia Abad
Jill Boardman and Ed Izzo
Dianne* and Rob Brown
Joy and Tom Cronin*
Kendal Daiger and Scott Huntsman
Dawn and Kevin D’Arcy*
Kristina and Walter Frame*
Molly and Sam Gaines
Robin and Eric Gershman
Diane Arnold and Dean Goodermote
Lisa Hagerty* and George Gay
Kelley and Terry King
Kendyl and Chris Lee
Kristi Brown and Evan Lovell
Megan and Bob Liljedahl
Jill and Brian Mullin
Jenny and Bobby Murphy
Judy and Emmett O’Connell
Jana Ross and Jeffrey Herrmann
Laurie Sasko
Elaine Davida Sklar* and Jeffrey Fuller
Jenna and Jeffrey Sereni
Amy and Porter Thorndike
*Spruce Peak Performing Arts Center Board Member

Après Chic Volunteers
Jim & Robi Artman
Lisa Beach
John Fisher & Laura Lyle
Alanna Izzo Goldman
Tommy Goldman
Chris Hagerty
Kelly Morelli
Maru Lou Nichols
Steve Schram
John Sherwood
Patti Spence
Tonra Walsh