Backstage Pass – Kathryn Lipke Vigesaa

Kathryn Lipke Vigesaa exhibited with Spruce Peak Arts in Altered Spaces, 2019 and in Art of Sound in 2020.

During this time of social distancing and isolation I have been working in my garden and preparing the vegetable garden while my thoughts are planning my next installation which I am calling “The Wild Garden”

This project brings the garden into a gallery setting using sculpture, photo, video and sound. I plan to use mixed media art works (some from previous garden related exhibitions) to create an installation in which one can follow my impressions and thoughts of the environment through the various garden spaces. The aim through this multimedia exhibition is to explore the interaction between the the plant world and that of humans. Through beauty, tension and seduction these gardens reveal the cyclical, touched and untouched, moments in nature as we visually explore the eco- system. 

Garden 1 – Force of Nature:


Greenhouse , wood covered with opaque mylar – with video projection

A small greenhouse with a video projected unto it will form the focal point of this garden. The video is of pollinators including monarchs shot in a garden flitting from flower to flower collecting nectar and pollen. Next to the greenhouse is Field of Lilies, a group, 5-7, trumpet shapes approximately 4’ tall, the structure made of twigs will be covered with a “skin” of handmade paper and bees wax. In the Field of Lilies will be a group of over sized laser cut outs of monarch butterflies (stainless steel or white mat board). The largest will be 24” at floor level these will get progressively smaller to 6” as they rise to the ceiling suspended on monofilament. A video of monarchs shot both in their summer habitat in northern gardens and in their winter habitats, California or Mexico. This video will be projected up into the group pf monarch cut outs so that you see parts of flowers and the butterflies on the cut outs as they slowly move with the air currents in the gallery.


Large scale photos of wild spaces and gardens along with a third video of a roadside where the farm crops have been held back to allow the ditch to be over run with wild flowers and plants that monarchs typically feed on. A photo of a dilapidated greenhouse that is over grown with plants will be hung on the wall behind the greenhouse. This is an attempt to showcase the importance and magic beauty of pollinators in our gardens and the wild.