EleΛation 4393’ – Group Exhibition

EleΛation  4393’  – Group Exhibition

Trevor Corp • Daniel Schechner • Jackson Tupper

Spruce Peak Performing Arts Center celebrates the peak of the ski season on the mountain with a dynamic multimedia art exhibition – Elevation 4393’ on view January 12 through April 15, 2019.  Exhibiting artists are Trevor Corp, Daniel Schechner and Jackson Tupper. Artists are responding in multiple mediums to the following curatorial direction:

an influencer of climate
where people live
how people live

elevation is often shown on maps by contour lines
and bands of color as a means of comparison
how does pattern language enter the creative process?

elevation is a height above a fixed reference-
a physical reality…or an elevated state…mood
what’s your elevation?

catching air – mountain air
how much oxygen is needed for sustenance and growth?

ascend…form the angle…find the burn
and from it levitate


Trevor Corps’ paintings and mixed media works, reveal his agility as both a painter and a printmaker. Traces of road signs and street art are apparent in his work. Of the collection, the artist writes:

Shapes interacting with one another.
and repetition,
creating depth and elevation.
A view from above.
Glimpses of what’s below….
or beyond.
     My works are based mostly on visual impact, and graphic elements. I don’t tend to have a meaning behind my work, but delight in hearing what others find. I am much happier when discoveries are made during the process of making the work. I believe all aspects of our lives and experience become a part of our creations if we are invested in them. Painting is a relatively new medium for me to use as a means of expression, and so, it is fresh and vibrant, constantly evolving and growing. One piece informing the next.
     Layers are built up and many times reworked to expose previous surfaces allowing for juxtapositions of shapes and colors. I have been told many times that I, “paint like a printmaker”, having the tendency to layer colors and shapes, using stencils, much like cutting blocks for prints. Sometimes I will actually print on the canvas itself.
     Much of my recent work incorporates spray paint, producing patterns by spraying directly through everyday objects such as burlap, rope, and snow fence creating an almost ghost like appearance. I love the discoveries made by layers and transparency. I often expose different layers by sanding or using a wet sponge or paintbrush while the paint is partially cured exposing some areas to the surface below. Treating painting as both an additive and subtractive method of work. This creates an effect that resembles the wear which occurs naturally when things are exposed to use, age, or the elements.
     I work quickly, and have a tendency to work on several paintings at once. The works feed off of one another, ideas cross pollenating. Often I put paintings away for weeks or months, revisiting them later with a fresh eye, adding or replacing elements. This process of layering creates a subtle surface texture which gives the paintings added depth and visual life. Painting provides me with
a sense of discovery, an opportunity to explore and have fun. Much of the enjoyment of making art is the discovery of things within ones self.

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Daniel Schechner’s focus for the project Elevation 4393 is to explore his own understanding of personal work by revisiting projects, places, and people from his past. Moving from Israel to the United States in 2005, Schechner’s identity is at times torn between two places and two forms of being. The context of an image at a specific point in time changes everything. Some photos fluctuate, morph, and vibrate over time and space while others remain timeless, still, forgotten. A medium as subjective as photography allows for flexible interpretation, producing a variety of meanings and inevitable conclusions. At times, the essence of what we intentionally or coincidentally capture, feel, or think isn’t revealed until later on in life. This project aims to highlight the significance of that understanding.

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Jackson Tupper’s work explores subjects and narratives that seem to exist in a realm that hovers slightly above our perception of reality. Much like a dream, his world is both familiar and unnatural; comfortably uncomfortable. Jackson Tupper’s paintings, sculptures,  silkscreen prints and projected animations “explore subjects and narratives that seem to exist in a realm that hovers slightly above our perception of reality.”

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Do not miss these artists on view at the Spruce Peak Performing Arts Center: January 12 – April 15, 2019

Contact: Kelly Holt, curator • kholt@sprucepeakarts.org  802.760.4634