Gibran Isaias Lopez professionally known as Gibran is an international muralist and an eclectic artist that travels with his family to diverse parts of the world to collaborate with like-minded families to listen, learn, remember and share methods to align with the harmony of humans, animals and Mother Earth. They use the vehicle of multidisciplinary project-based learning including breathing techniques, free form dance, singing, music, theatre, art, storytelling, science, mathematics, communication media, nutrition, gardening, exercising, and many other experiential practices to co-create HARMONY with others.

He has authored a novel, “The Crow’s Aura: The Path to Forgiveness; and a companion workbook containing mental, physical and spiritual exercises titled: The Crow’s Aura: Unearthing Our Gifts Workbook.”

Due to his multi-faceted skills and work experience Gibran is sought out by U.S.A Embassies, architects, builders, program managers, community leaders, teachers, professors, counselors and therapists to collaborate with them on complex projects that require communication, trust and alignment with multiple moving parts. 

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Artist Statement
For years now I have been painting beautiful pictures on walls, writing inspiring words on books and facilitating introspective workshops for us as people to grow and learn from one another. But it is not enough.

As I continue my journey in life, I have observed that throughout my own life’s past I have done a decent job at reaching my desired goals, accolades and accomplishments in whichever game I’ve played – from graduating with honors in art school to being an accomplished muralist traveling to diverse parts of the world to paint walls. But I have now seen that when it comes to the game of Life, I’ve fallen quite short.

Being grateful – failed. Being kind – failed. Being joyous – failed. Being love – failed. Being honest with myself and in turn with others – failed. The list as you can imagine goes on and on.

It is this Life game that has my full attention now. I am not driven or fulfilled by money or materialism. I want change for the better of this world – Much better.

As the saying goes – be the change you want to see. Well here I am. I am here now. I have the receipts for my own accountability to be better – do better.

This is the level I am personally playing at now. You are welcome to come out and play with me. I would very much love that.

Which Wolf Will You Feed • 24” x 30” • Acrylic Paint on Canvas • 2019

Which Wold Will You Feed story:

I dreamt that I was in the mountains sitting on a wooden bench. Across from me was Josie Talamantez, a friend whom I admire tremendously, sitting next to her was a Native American woman with 2 long braids that ran parallel to her arms. As I challenged my eyes to not stare at her hair, I noticed movement happening behind her at some distance.

I focused my sight and gradually my mind understood that behind the two women I was witnessing a stampede of different animals rapidly disappearing into the background of the mountains.

“I’ve dreamt this before,” I thought to myself.

No more than 60 seconds passed when the animals ran back in the direction they came from. Within the stampede I took a notice to 3 grey wolves, suddenly as if sensing my stare, the wolves stopped dead on their tracks and turned to look at us. I could see their eyes and they were completely red with rage. The leader of the wolf pack snarled. They ran toward us. My heart dropped.

“Do not move! Confront the wolf!” Josie said in a stern voice as I shot up to my feet.

But I ran. I ran toward a cabin that was about 8 feet away from the bench we sat on. Inside, I hurried to get my rifle and my knife from a rustic wood trunk that sat close to the bed. I was scared and felt a bit of a coward for running but at that moment I had decided that I needed weapons to protect us from the aggressive predators.

As I prepped my mind to run out and fight the wolves, I passed a small mirror hanging next to a wooden dresser. I looked at my reflection.

I was the wolf.

From a distance I heard Josie yell, “Confront it – either starve it or feed it. The choice is yours.”

I woke up shook and perspiring heavily.


“2020 Owl Vision” • 24”x34” • Acrylic Paint on Canvas • January, 2020

Owl Vision Story (4:44am)

The alarm went off. Slowly I felt the sensation of my spirit entering my waking body. Mind, body and spirit gently came into full alignment as I took a deep breath and sat up. I shut the alarm off and headed out of the bedroom quietly as to not wake my 2 daughters.

I ran a mental checklist as I opened the door to head outside: restroom, washed up, brushed teeth, hydrated with water, breathing exercises, stretched entire body, – check, check, check.

Right before I closed the door I saw Bunnee walking by making her way to the kitchen. We locked eyes and she sent me a huge, tender smile. We both bowed our heads to re-affirm that we were waking up early every morning to show up for our self – for the love of our being, to nurture and empower our individual body with a series of daily morning rituals.  

I shut the door and ran off toward the running path I had created for myself a year ago. Purposely I did not listen to any music. It gave me an opportunity to listen to the sounds of the early morning as most of the city slept.

4 short breaths in then 4 short breaths out and simultaneously I mentally stated my intentions for my day. Additionally I also repeat, “I am powerful, I am beautiful, I am strong.”

Quarter of the way of my running path I crossed through a community park. I heard my breathing get louder and my heart beating paced faster. Wind began to hit my face. I slowly turned my head slightly to the right.  I realized that it was not my heart nor my breathing but a large great horned owl that was flying next to me flapping its large patterned wings. Our eyes connected. My heart and spirit were calm, yet my mind was at the verge of having a breakdown. I managed to take a deep breath filling my belly then my lungs and lastly my brain and slowly released. Suddenly, all fear and anxiety fizzled out and I was ever so present.

I could hear her – the great horned owl in my mind.

“Keep going, keep showing up and keep being organized with your blocks of time. Your manifestations come through when you execute your share of aligned action with The All. Let me ask you something, how do you feel?” she asked.

“I feel happy and fulfilled,” I mentally answered.

“There we go. Feeling fulfilled will attract more creative opportunities and goodness into your life. More importantly, you will not only be present for your children but you will be joyous in your encounters with them. This is what they are learning from you, the art of joy. What better way to prepare them for this life’s game than to know how to tap into the source of life and produce joy in their own lives?”

I noticed the sun rising on the East, yet the moon was still present. I then looked at the owl and bowed my head in agreement. I ran faster. She flew next to me effortlessly.

“You have the right idea – light and dark. Use my vision to see clearly. Observe and see what is truth and what is false. What is the voice of The All and what is the voice of the ego? My vision will aid you in cutting through and getting to what is most important to you in this game of life,” the owl expressed.

“Thank you. I am sure you noticed that my mind was almost consumed with fear as you approached me. But I caught it and appeased it,” I shared openly.

“Yes, and that is the way to respond to your protective mind – gently and lovingly but firm,” she said. “With that, what have you learned from our encounter?”

“I will continue to get out of my own way. I will continue to get out of the way of others. I will continue to flow and align with Loving Presence,” I answer mentally.

“There it is, as simple as that. Remember, your honesty and your vulnerability are powers and keys to access clarity.”

“Till we meet again”, the great horned owl said.

I could have sworn I saw her give me a huge smile. Then, in a blink of an eye she disappeared within the trees’ branches that serve to shade various parts of the park.

“Indeed my friend. Safe travels, I love you”, I said out loud.

The sun ascended higher and shared its warmth on my face. 

“I can see clearly, I have 2020 vision, I show up for my children daily, I show up with enthusiasm and with joy, I fulfill my heart with love and tender loving care,” I repeatedly said these affirmations as I continued on my run.