March 18, 2024

Oregon-born, Nashville-based singer-songwriter Mat Kearney plays an acoustic set at Spruce Peak Arts this Friday, March 22nd. Before he takes on the Stowe stage, get to know the “Ships in the Night” singer!

Mat Kearney, born on December 1, 1978, grew up in Eugene, Oregon, where he developed a passion for soccer during his time at South Eugene High School. He later attended California State University, Chico on a soccer scholarship, majoring in literature. However, his interest in music blossomed after a trip to Nashville with music producer Robert Marvin. Kearney’s experimentation with covering songs led him to discover his talent for songwriting. Despite initially struggling with the partying culture at Chico, Kearney eventually found his calling in music, leading him to Nashville where he embarked on a journey to pursue his musical aspirations.


In Nashville, Kearney collaborated with Robert Marvin and began performing at coffee shops, gradually earning recognition and modest income. Kearney’s decision to assist Marvin with a move to Nashville marked a pivotal moment in his life, as he decided to stay and pursue music full-time. This decision was solidified by the realization that music was his true passion. Kearney’s dedication to his craft led to the recording of several demos with Marvin, ultimately setting the stage for his musical career to take off.

Kearney’s career gained momentum with the release of his second album, “Nothing Left to Lose,” in 2006, which marked his major-label debut. The album’s success paved the way for subsequent releases, including “City of Black & White” and “Young Love.” Kearney’s musical journey has been characterized by collaborations with various artists and extensive touring. Despite some fluctuations in critical reception, Kearney’s commitment to his artistry remains evident through his consistent output and ongoing engagement with his audience, as demonstrated by his latest projects like “Crazytalk” and “The City of Black and White Revisited EP,” which showcase his enduring passion for music.

Kearney is known for his distinct blend of pop, folk, and hip-hop. He tries to have a distinct sound on each album, inspired by his love for legend Paul Simon.

When he’s not on the road, Kearney resides in Nashville with his wife and three children.

Want to know more about Mat Kearney? You can visit his website,, for concert information, tickets, and more!

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