Original Thinkers: Coming October 2022 to Stowe!

Spruce Peak Arts is thrilled to present Original Thinkers Stowe, a multifaceted festival in Stowe, VT, October 21-23, 2022. The inaugural festival will feature curated programming focused on Culture l Climate l Community. The full schedule of events, festival passes and information will be announced soon, so check back for more information! 

Original Thinkers (based in Telluride, CO) is a multimedia company focusing on the intersection of story and ideas, working on impactful ways to convey essential concepts to a growing and diverse audience. The Original Thinkers mission is to discover and introduce new thinking around the complexities and challenges of our ever changing world. Original Thinkers curates creative, fresh and thought-provoking programming that shines a spotlight on a host of artists, thinkers, storytellers, visionaries. Original Thinkers takes audiences on a transformative journey to listen carefully, think deeply and see new possibilities.

Introducing Original Thinkers Founder David Holbrooke!

As a long-time lover of films and documentaries, David knew from a young age that his passions would lead him into the world of filmmaking. “I’ve always loved the concept of watching a movie, sitting in a darken room with strangers all focusing on the same thing, that connectivity is beautiful to me,” said David. 

After spending many years at some of the nation’s largest networks such as ABC, NBC, and CNN, David created a name for himself in the film world while telling short stories of unique and important individuals from around the globe. 

Utilizing his experience, connections, and passion for storytelling, he founded Original Thinkers, a festival that would utilize impactful storytelling, and forward-thinking to help inflict positive change on the climate of our world. 

“Stories are what define us, if we find stories that so deeply resonate with us it can completely change the direction of our lives,” said David.

Since the festival’s debut in 2018, over 500 attendees have gathered in Telluride to create a collaborative community of individuals to learn more about storytelling, impactful ideas, and original storytelling. 

What is David’s Big Idea?
“Give every American a bicycle and train a fleet of bike mechanics to save the world.”