Season One Musicians

Spruce Peak Chamber Music Society Community Concert
Saturday, July 20 at noon
Stowe Community Church


Jia Kim, Artistic Director (cello)

Siwoo Kim (violin)    

Jia Kim holding her cello on her lap, head down leaning forward laughing with a sage green mottled backgound.

Siwoo Kim in a black suit and tie on a city street holding his violin, his reflection in the window to the left.    

Family, Fun, Five “B’s”!  (Presenting works by five great composers – Bach, Beethoven, Brahms, Bartok, and Bridge)  Saturday, May 18 at 7pm. 

Colin Brookes (viola)  Jia Kim, Artistic Director (cello) Rachel Lee Priday (violin) Yannick Rafalimanana (piano)
Colin Brookes in a gray suit with white shirt and blue tie against a dark gray background. Jia Kim in a dark suit standing in front of concrete stairs with her cello, fall foliage behind her. Rachel Lee Priday holding her violin in an olive silk dress and long black hair against a blue background. Yannick Rafalimanana in a black buttoned shirt and short black hair close up against a gray background.


The Art of The String Quartet
Saturday, March 9 at 7pm

Catherine Cosbey (violin) Annie Fullard (violin) Jia Kim, Artistic Director (cello) Eric Wong (viola)
Catherine Cosby in a black dress with long red hair holding her violin with gray background. Annie Fuillard with blonde hair and black dress holding her violin with black background. Black and white photo of Jia Kim with long brown hair and a white blouse/jacket with her cello. Eric Wond in a black turtleneck against a blue/gray background, strings showing.


Rhapsody in Stowe
Saturday, January 19 at 7pm 

Peter Dugan (piano) Mark Dover (clarinet) Jia Kim, Artistic Director (cello) Michelle Ross (violin)
Mark Dover in gray sweater and scali cap holding his clarinet on a sidewalk. Jia Kim in light grey tank top holding her cello standing in front of a brick wall. Michelle Ross with long black hair up, and black lace dress, seated with violin on her legs.



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