Spruce Peak Unplugged

    Spruce Peak UNPLUGGED: Deer Tick

    October 12 @ 07:00pm

    Join us for an evening with Deer Tick, the acclaimed indie rock band known for their raw, heartfelt performances and genre-blending sound, celebrating the 20th Anniversary of their first record. Expect an electrifying night filled with hits and fan favorites.

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    Spruce Peak UNPLUGGED and Higher Ground present Big Head Todd and the Monsters

    February 16 @ 07:00pm

    Get ready to rock with Big Head Todd and The Monsters, known for their captivating blend of blues, rock, and soul, this iconic band has been thrilling audiences for decades with hits like “Bittersweet” and “Broken Hearted Savior.” Their powerful performances and dynamic stage presence promise an unforgettable night of music that spans their illustrious career, promising to deliver a show filled with energy, emotion, and timeless rock anthems.

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