Thank You!

Thank You!
The members of Spruce Peak Arts make performances available and affordable to the entire community. If you’re not currently supporting Spruce Peak Arts, please join today! We look forward to adding your name to our list of donors (members listed from November 2016 to November 2017).

Angel ($5,000+)

Bourne’s Energy
Tom and Joy Cronin+
Farrell Distributing Corporation
Arnold and Martha Langbo Foundation*
The Marhefka Family
PC Construction
Spruce Peak Realty

Patron ($2500 – $4999)

Sharon and David Bateman+
Gallagher, Flynn and Company
McSoley, McCoy and Company
George W. Mergens Foundation*
Calvin Stempel

Benefactor ($1000 – $2499)

Timothy and Erica Bryan
Downs Rachlin Martin PLLC
Tom and Ann Edwards
Sara and Joe Farley
Sheila and Nahum Gelber
John and Jen Kimmich*
Chris McKown and Abby Johnson
Lintilhac Foundation*
Oakland Foundation*
Emmett and Judy O’Connell
Pepsi Co Inc
Brian and Stephanie Spector
William and Phaedra Steele
Stowe Reporter
Kathy and Ted Truscott
Vermont Public Radio

Producer ($500 – $999)

Alicia Abad and Andrew Tappe
Robert Bleimeister
Harrison and Pamela DeStefano
Mary and Bruce Donald
Sean and Christine Gilbride
Jack and Lauren Handrahan
Darren and Victoria Jachts
Bill and Heather Maffie
Lance Olson and Peentz Dubble
Lucinda and Jeffrey McKechnie+
New England Foundation for the Arts
Ted and Tracey Smith-Patch
Barry and Anne Pius
Paul Sauchelli
Carlos Serrano and Allison Zevallos
Shapleigh Smith
Sidney Stark
William and Phaedra Steele
Nancy and Bill Steers
Ed and Christine Steinborn
Jon Steingart
Ken Taylor
David Wilkens and Molly Pindell

Director ($250 – $499)

David Pierre and Nancy Angell
Robert and Barbara Bauman
Gary Baxter
David Bisbee
Don Huff and Sonja Burbank
Kevin and Dawn D’Arcy
Peter and Bari Dreissigacker
Anita and Stephen Friedman
Peter and Gita Givertzman
Lisa Hagerty+
Mike and Jennifer Isabell
Terry and Kristina Itameri-Kinter
Jim Goldsmith and Kim Kaufman
Carl Lisman
William Miller
Scott and Sandy Noble
David and Martha Ott
Nicholas and Jacqueline Perrins
Michele Pressman and Deborah Levy
Eric Richter
Jon and Heather Roberts
David and Barbara Siegel
Pall Spera
Robert Stengel and Valerie Crane
Matthew and Carey Strobeck
Gregory and Jennifer Swanson
Irwin and Sara Tauben
Sara Urban
Robert and Susan Vincent
Greg and Carolyn Waters
Joseph and Bonnie Wauters
Dan Winston
Tyler and Michele Wolfram
Kelley Worman

Friend ($125 – $249)

David Bergeron
Craig Brown
Glenn Danziger
Grant Davis
Marclay Davis
Idoline and Biddle Duke
Dean and Cynthis Farley
John Fisher and Laura Lyle
Stephan and Ann Fried
Anita and Stephen Friedman
Gregg and LeeLee Goodson
Nancy Hale
Jeffrey Herrmann
Carol and James Hodge
Natalie and Tom Hubbs
Bob Hug
Meg and Jeffrey Kauffman
Bonnie Knight
Carole and Steve Lichtenstein
Howard Malovany
Brian McConnell
John and Millie Merrill
John and Erika Senft-Miller
Glen Neale and Gail Flanagan
Peter and Sally Nolan
Cleve and Virginia Patterson
Dominique Pecor
Dave and Ellie Peters
Kevin Petrochko
Ed and Sarah Rovetto
Ben and Denise Sanders
Kerry Sedutto
Gerald and Caroline Smith
Kate Stevens
Gary and Cindy Waring
Greg and Carolyn Waters
Jill and Roger Witten

Contributor ($75 – $124)

Susan Beattie
Daniel Carlucci
Mary Doonis
Tom Eckert
Walter and Kristina Frame+

2017 Spruce Peak Festival of Lights

Jeff and Lena Baird
Jill Boardman
David Clancy
Kevin and Dawn D’Arcy
Harrison and Pam Destefano
David and Ann Franklin
Sam and Molly Gaines
Arthur Green
Jack and Lauren Handrahan
Evan and Kristi Lovell
Bill and Heather Maffie
Susan Ohler
Sebastien Paradis
Ted and Tracey Smith-Patch
Stephen and Kathe Rhinesmith
Carlos and Allison Serrano-Zevallos
Patti Martin Spence
Sidney Stark
Bill and Phaedra Steers
Ken Taylor

*In support of the Community Education Fund
+In support of the Olson VT Artist Series