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Thank You to our Members

Our Spruce Peak Arts members help ensure success and affordability for our entire community! If you’re not currently a member of Spruce Peak Arts, please join today. Thank you to all of our supporters! List current as of October 15, 2021.

Joy and Tom Cronin
Deborah and Ron Feinstein
Clea and Richard James (in Honor of Irene Bareau)
The Stires-Stark Family Foundation

Nancy Angell and David Pierre
Allison and Edward Johnson IV
Ken Libby
The Netter Foundation
Jennifer and Calvin Stempel
Jill and Roger Witten

Irene Bareau
Lisa Hagerty and George Gay
Robi and Jim Hodge
Rachel Lampert and Richard Goodwin
Todd Lockwood

Leslie Abramson and Fred Rossman
Diane Arnold and Dean Goodermote
Joan and Henry Binder
Dianne and Robert K. Brown
Joan and David Genser
Deborah and Kenneth Hamberg
Natalie and Tom Hubbs
Abigail Johnson and Christopher McKown
Lisa and Dan Lehan
Lisa McGovern and Jay Wallace
Caren and Howard Merson
Jessica and Rich Miller
Gina and Paul Plunkett
Sylvia and Bill Pope
Marilyn and Skip Rosskam
Claudia and Paul Sauchelli
Barbara and David Siegel
Kim Yellin and Marc Stern
Nancy and Bill Steers
Kathy and Ted Truscott
Martha and Richard Wagner

Rich Becker
George Beitzel
Jill Boardman
Kristine Carlson
Mirza Cavalic
Stephanie and Andrew Chmura
Kris and Jeff Clarke
Dawn and Kevin D’Arcy
Molly Triffin and Sam Gaines
Polly Coassin-Green
Terri and Gerry Griffin
Nicole and Christopher Harris
Melanie and Stephen Hoffmeister
Kristina and Terry Itameri-Kinter
Patricia Martin
Tracey Smith-Patch and Ted Patch
Caroline and Gerald Smith
Deborah Van Dyke
Molly Pindell and David Wilkens

Harriet Adams and John Straub
Genevieve and Peter G Anderson
Gretchen and Albert Besser
Susan Braver
Sophie Brechu-West and Antoine Brechu
Manelick De La Parra
Robert DiMario
Kimberly and Robert Fien
Karen and Evan Flatow
Connie and Ken Forbes
Anita and Stephen Friedman
Kathleen and Arthur Green
Terri Gregory and Milford Cushman
Lauren and John Handrahan
Kristy and Larry van den Herik
Heide and Allen Horsley
Nancy Jeffries-Dwyer and Terry Dwyer
Tricia and Frederick Leathers
Michele Pressman and Deborah Levy
Amy Loughran
Lucinda and Jeffrey McKechnie
Natalie and Kent Mitchell
Joseph O’Brien
Margaret and O’Brien
Mary Reilly
Sam Rubenstein
Patricia Sabalis and Timothy Crowell
Gail and Arthur Shinners
Nancy and Jim Stead
Carla and Neil Stempel
Sara and Irwin Tauben
Donna and Karl Weller
Michel Zaleski
Allison Zevallos and Carlos Serrano

Russ and Toni Barr
Peter Bourne
Barry Burnside
Deborah Clark
Michele Comtois
Audrey Coty
Maria and Paul Davies
Jane and Greg Diorio
Julie and John Douglas
Dorrit and Stephen Edwards
Erika Esposto
Kathryn Forbes
Mary and John Frost
Sandi and Douglas Geller
Jane Glazer
Raymond Haarstick
Amy Kennedy
Nancy and Andrew Kingman
Richard Litchfield
Laura Lyle and John Fisher
Lucinda and Jeffrey McKechnie
Emily and John Merrill
Jeff Merselis
Lance Olson and Peentz Dubble
Sandra Phillips
Kimberly Pope
Noelle and Adam Rosenberg
Michael Rossi
Sarah and Ed Rovetto
Erica and David Ruck
Tracy Shoor
Edee Simon-Israel and Mark Israel
Ellen and Alan Thorndike
Lisa and Rob Venne
Elly and Jamey Ventura
Carolyn and Greg Waters

Betsy Austin
Rebecca A. Brooklyn
William A. Eber
Doug and Huntly Armbruster
Elizabeth Austin
Larry Baione
Lawrence Baldino
Nan Carle Beauregard
Karen and Alan Beecher
Ori Ben-Akiva
Safiya Bonaventura
Conchessa Brownell
Elizabeth and Cecil Cadwell
Tom Challenger
Deborah Clark
Stephen Clark
Megan and Andrew Clark
Katherine Coppock
Catherine Crawley
Laura Dagan
Beverly Anne Doupé
Dan Dubenetsky
Judith Dunn
Constance Edwards
Susan Edwards
Julie and Hank Elitzer
Mary and Tom Evslin
Isabelle Fish
Gail Flanagan and Glen Neale
Scott Florance
Trisha Fong and David Norden
William Francis
Donna Frank
Peggy Freedson
Elizabeth Fuller
David Gang
Lori Gilman
Gita and Peter Givertzman
Lyn Goldsmith
Caren Goodhue
Malcolm Gray
Christina Griffin
Diane Grossman
Marge Gulyas
Shelly Gunn
Karen Harris
Susie and Michael Heitner
Nate Hemmer
Lisa and Michael Heyison
Todd Hobson
Phyllis and Peter Hofman
Steve In
Barbara Kay
Elizabeth Kim
Kelley and Terrence King
Hank Kucheman
Kathryn and John Kuryloski
Debby and Ken Lasden
Luther Leake
Michael LeVangie
Steven Levine
Todd Lockwood
Trudy and John Louson
Mckee MacDonald
John Malter
Caroline and John Marhefka
Judy McCawley
Rob and Karen Millman
Annabel Moynihan
Peter O’Connell
Laura and Chris Ott
Amy Otten
Deborah Parente
Leigh PelleFer
Laura and Robert Pelosi
Judyth Pendell and Warren Azano
Edward Raymond
Victoria Rizzi
Marvin Rosenbloom
Marilyn and Skip Rosskam
Patti Rubin
Perry and John Schafer
Susan and Bob Schechter
Marylinda and Scott Schoifet
Marcie Scudder
Barbara Segal
Brian Smith
Sharon Stearns
Christine Stevens
Marcia and Carl Stewart
Hope Sullivan
Janet and John Thabault
Charles Wang
Laurie Williams
Graydon Wilson
Cynthia Wyatt
Caroline Hendel and John Wysolmerski
Mark Young
Linda Zamvil

We would love to add your name to our list of donors! For details on member benefits, please click here!