Thank You!

The members of Spruce Peak Arts make performances available and affordable to the entire community. If you’re not currently supporting Spruce Peak Arts, please join today. We look forward to adding your name to our list of donors!

For a list of community-minded businesses and organizations who sponsor us, please CLICK HERE.

Angel ($5000+)

Joy and Tom Cronin+
Spruce Peak Realty
Spruce Peak Resort Association***
Sidney Stark*++

Patron ($2500 – $4999)

Deborah and Ron Feinstein+++
Fiddlehead Brewery***
McSoley, McCoy and Company
George W. Mergens Foundation*
The James E. Robison Foundation**
Rodman Insurance***
Jennifer and Calvin Stempel
Jill and Roger Witten+++

Benefactor ($1000 – $2499)

Alicia Abad
Alchemist Brewery**+++
Dianne and Rob Brown*
Reyna and Peter Eastwood
Ann and Tom Edwards
Sam Gaines and Molly Triffin*
Sheila and Nahum Gelber
Lee-Ann and Philip Healy*
Jana Ross and Jeffrey Hermann
Kim Kaufman and Jim Goldsmith
The Richard and Susan Leadem Family
Abby Johnson and Chris McKown
Sara and William Miller
William Nutt
Judith and Emmett O’Connell
Stephanie and Brian Spector
Phaedra and William Steele
Ken Taylor
Kathleen and William Truscott
Lisa McGovern and Jonathan Wallace
Kim Yellin and Marc Stern

Producer ($500 – $999)

Diane Arnold and Dean Goodermote*
Irene Bareau++
Robert Bleimeister
Marc and Shelia Boyle
Timothy and Joanne Burke
Donna and Jake Carpenter**
Marc Caruso
Kevin & Dawn D’Arcy*
Harrison and Pamela DeStefano
The Farley Family
Lisa Hagerty and George Gay*
Terri and Gerry Griffin++
Lauren and Jack Handrahan*
Kristina and Terry Itameri-Kinter++
Darren and Victoria Jachts
Max and Nancy Justicz*
Lost Nation Brewery
Darsey and Joseph Moon
Ted and Tracey Smith-Patch*
Bill and Sylvia Pope++
Claudia and Paul Sauchelli*
Allison Zevallos & Carlos Serrano*
Shapleigh and Peggy Smith
Jon and Jenny Steingart
Stowe Cider++
Stowe Wine & Cheese+++
David Wilkens and Molly Pindell

Director ($250 – $499)

AJ’s Ski and Sport++
Leslie and Matt Anderson*
Rich Becker
Antoine & Sophie Brechu
Stowe Resort Homes*
The Card Family*
David and Helen Clancy*
Kris and Jeff Clarke*
Valerie Crane and Robert Stengel
Judy Deluca-Ford++
Leighton and Regina Detora
Elisa and Jason Doiron
Peter and Bari Dreissigacker
The Laquerre-Franklin Family*
Anita and Stephen Friedman
Robin and Eric Gershman
Peter and Gita Givertzman
Fleet Transportation*
The Graupe Family
David and Sarah Kalil
Fred Kane
Kenneth Libby
Bill and Heather Maffie*
Lucinda and Jeffrey McKechnie+
Elise McKenna
Eric Richter and Mary Michel
Donald Moffett
Patricia and James Mogan
Jenny and Bobby Murphy
Tara Nolan
James and Meg O’Brien
David and Martha Ott
Nicholas and Jacqueline Perrins
Michele Pressman and Deborah Levy
Jon and Heather Roberts
Lisa Senecal & Family
John and Erika Senft-Miller*
Stephen and Debra Sherman
John Sherwood
Barbara and David Siegel++
Patti Martin Spence*++
Pall Spera Realty
Nancy and Bill Steers and Family*
Stowe Resort Homes*
Matthew and Carey Strobeck
Gregory and Jennifer Swanson
Sara and Irwin Tauben
Alan and Ellen Thorndike*
Elly and Jamey Ventura
Johannes and Lynne von Trapp
Carolyn and Greg Waters
Bonnie and Joseph Wauters, Jr.
The Weller Family*
Dan Winston and Tira Khan
Tyler and Michelle Wolfram
Kelley and Douglas Worman

Friend ($125 – $249)

Richard Adams
Robi Artman-Hodge and Jim Hodge
Gary and Susan Baxter
Julia and David Bergeron
Douglas Brown
Paul Chebator and Mer Zovko
Susan Chicoine
Audrey Coty++
Glenn Danziger
Marclay Davis
Dorritt and Stephen Edwards
Cynthia and Dean Farley
John Fisher and Laura Lyle
John and Mary Frost
Nancy & David Hale
Tim Hayward
Thomas Heiser
Allen and Heide Horsley
Nataalie and Tom Hubbs++
Meg and Jeff Kauffman
Heidi Kiesler*
Andy & Nancy Kingman
Lauren and Bob Lansing
Carole and Steve Lichtenstein
Judy McCawley
John and Emily Merrill
Caren and Howard Merson
Jill and Brian Mullin
The Ohler Family*
Dominique Pecor+
Dave and Ellie Peters
The Rhinesmith Family*
Ed and Sarah Rovetto
Tracy Shoor
Edee Simon-Israel and Mark Israel
Gerald and Caroline Smith
Lee and Alice Spencer**
Alison Stigers
Rob and Lisa Venne
Peter and Ellen Waldman++
The Walker Family*
Dan and Sayre Wardell
Ronna and Arnold Ziegel

Contributor ($75 – $124)

Jose and Raquel Abad
Shaun Abraham
Juliann Ambroz
Melodie Archer
Debra Baer
Lena and Jeff Baird
Mark Bateman
Karen & Alan Beecher
Gail and Steve Blumsack**
Mary Ellen Boyce
Heidi Brown
Ches Brownell
Trish Buyer
Nicholas Celso
Joseph G. Choi
Rosemarie and Thomas Coleman
Lori Delrosso
Kathleen and John Douglas
Paul Engels
Kevin and Cara Ferro
Gretchen Fitzgerald
Kristina von Trapp and Walter Frame
Patricia Gabel
Kasara and Jeremiah Gage
Susan Greer
Lee Gilmond
Laura Hall
Lisa and Michael Heyison
Amy Hoffman
Gerry and Janice Kandestin
Barbara C. Kay
Robert Kelley
Suzanne Ketchum
James Khazzam
Kate Laster
Michael Layug
Kendyl and Christopher Lee
Dan Lehan
Christopher & Jennifer Leopold
Marvin and Betty Libson
Todd Lockwood
Trudy and John Louson++
Daniel and Sarah Jo Marcotte
Martin Mathamel
David and Penny McGaughy
Glenn McPeters
H. Kenneth Merritt, Jr.
Rebecca and William Mitchell
Glen Neale and Gail Flanagan
Peter and Sally Nolan
Joe & Ellen O’Brien
Irwin Portnoy
Ed Raymond
Marvin Rosenbloom
Erica and David Ruck
Carolyn Ruschp
Fred Sanford
Lisa Scagliotti
Joseph Shadroui
Robert Siegel
Kate Stevens
Hope Sullivan
Nancy Teed
Julie Terrazzano
Sal Vespa
Gary and Cindy Waring
Richard Width
Marc Wolff
Steve Worona

*In support of the Community Education Fund
**In support of the Reclamation TALKS
***In support of the Spruce Peak Folk Festival
+In support of the Olson VT Artist Series
++In support of the Spruce Peak Chamber Music Society
+++In support of the Mountainfilm in Stowe