The Curious Place

“Theatres are curious places, magician’s trick-boxes where the golden memories of dramatic triumphs linger like nostalgic ghosts, and where the unexplainable, the fantastic, the tragic, the comic and the absurd are routine occurrences on and off the stage. Murders, mayhem, political intrigue, lucrative business, secret assignations, and of course, dinner.”
E.A. Bucchianeri, Brushstrokes of a Gadfly

That’s what we’re calling Community & Education Programming at Spruce Peak Arts now. A name that recognizes where we’re coming from and who we’re inspiring. Spruce Peak Arts programs lead with curiosity – creating opportunities for learners of all ages to explore what inspires them. Our goal is to enrich the day-today lives of our community through invaluable, engaged, shared learning experiences – and to have FUN while we do!

There are a lot of ways for your student to arrive at the Curious Place!

SUMMER THEATRE CAMPS: Save the Date for Summer 2023!
Camps will be the weeks of: SPLASH! July 17 to 21 | MYTHICAL ADVENTURES! July 31 to August 4  | FANTASTICAL PLACES! August 21 to 25 

AFTERSCHOOL PROGRAMS: Create a community of curiosity that allows students to explore who they are through the world of drama. Each program includes scene building, characterization, ensemble work, creation of props and costumes, and culminates with a sharing of the learned experience for the larger community.

“This is a wonderful programming opportunity for our school!” —Betzi Goodman, Principal, Eden Central School

HOMESCHOOL- Multi-Week workshops: Allow students grades 1to 12 to bring their drama out of the house and onto the stage! Each week, students dive into the theater world and explore the interests of the group through a variety of shows and playwrights to create a collaborative performance at the last session. Curious Place programs can easily fold into Minimum Course of Study (MCOS) needs for arts and English.

STUDENT MATINEE SERIES: connects children, teachers, and schools with the performing arts in deep and meaningful ways.  Together, we bring performances to Vermont that both complement school curriculum, and introduce students to new worlds. 

WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT: Spruce Peak Arts workforce development programs include internships and mentorships some of which are offered in partnership with The Vermont Association of Business Industry and Rehabilitation (VABIR) community and partnerships with area high schools and colleges. These programs further our commitment to foster prosperity for individuals in our community by offering training and continuing education programs focused on how participants can grow and develop within the performing arts sector.

THERAPEUTIC THEATRE PROGRAM: In 2022/2023, in collaboration with the Lamoille North Supervisory Union and Northern Vermont University, Spruce Peak Arts is piloting In MY Voice with district 8th graders. The program intentionally uses theatre games, skills, storytelling, writing, and performance to address psychological, physical, and social concerns, and to promote health and wellbeing.

EVALUATION: How do we stay on track to achieve “golden moments of dramatic triumphs”? We evaluate our programs! Spruce Peak Arts education programs are rigorously evaluated on a daily and program-by-program basis to ensure that a world-class experience is being provided to children and families throughout and that that supportive, learning environment extends to our educators.

There are three methods used to track success throughout programs.

  1. Education Program Lead Evaluation
  2. Program Observation
  3. Post Program Reflection

TUITION ASSISTANCE AND WORK EXCHANGE Don’t let the price of tuition stop you from making theatre! Spruce Peak Arts provides scholarships and discounts based on financial need and opportunities for work exchange by providing support in marketing, development and/or services.

For more detail or to find out how to bring an artist or program to your school or organization please contact Director of Education, Julianne Nickerson, MSW at or 802.760.4637.