2022/23 Lights Festival – Thank you!

Thank you to our 22/23 Lights Festival Donors! 

We are immensely grateful for the support of all those who donated to this year’s Spruce Peak Lights Festival in support of the Electric Brain Campaign and our Curious Place youth arts programs. Special thanks to our Lights Festival Committee Co-Chairs: Dianne Brown, Lisa McGovern, and Jill Witten! 

Look for your name in lights in the Spruce Peak Village this holiday season! 


Nancy Angell and David Pierre
Rachel and Richard Goodwin
Lisa McGovern and Jay Wallace
Jennifer and Calvin Stempel

Diane Arnold and Dean Goodermote
Sara and William Miller
Sisler Builders
Nancy and Bill Steers

Tracey Smith-Patch and Ted Patch
Claudia and Paul Sauchelli

Bourne’s Energy
Dianne and Robert K Brown
Dawn and Kevin D’Arcy
Edelweiss Mountain Deli
Connie and Kenneth Forbes
Kathleen and Arthur Green
Lauren and John Handrahan
Jess and Rich Miller
Anne and Barry Pius
Deborah Van Dyke
Jill and Roger Witten
Allison Zevallos and Carlos Serrano

Meg and James O’Brien