Vermont Youth Dancers – As You Are, The Story of Belle and the Beast




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May 30, 2021

Tickets: $15 livestream ticket

As You Are, The Story of Belle and the Beast, a full length dance theatre production of the classic fairy tale.   A selfish young prince and his castle staff fall under a spell of a mysterious enchantress, who turns him into a frightful beast, until he can learn to love and be loved in return.  The misunderstood and determined Belle may be their only hope, as she takes her mother’s place as prisoner at the castle.  But time is running out… Will the spell be broken?  This wonderful story of community, sacrifice and identity is told by VYD through exciting hip hop and poignant lyrical choreography, along with stunning sets, lighting and costumes.  Do not miss this unique performance – the choreography, song lyrics, and the acting and emotion the dancers put on the stage is something extraordinary to experience! 


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