Camp Information and FAQ’s

Drop off* (8:45-9:00 AM) and Pick up* (3:30-3:45)

Please bring your camper(s) into the lobby for drop off and meet them in the lobby for pick up. This way we can mark who is coming in and check off who they are leaving with at the end of the day. No one can leave without checking out with a counselor at the end of the day.

*Early arrival is available from 8:15 until 8:45 for an additional $10 a day, and late pick is available until 4:30 for an additional $20 a day. Please contact Julianne Nickerson 802.760.4637 at least 24 hours in advance if this additional support is needed.

What to bring?

  • Snack(s)- light snack to have in the morning and afternoon
  • Lunch- Campers need to bring their own lunches.
  • Water bottle- we have a water fountain for filling up
  • Pencil/ Highlighter/ Special Pen or marker for journal entries and script markings
  • Layers for the variable VT weather – we do spend time outside
  • Shoes – indoor shoes that you can dance in (no flip flops, please!)
  • Imagination
  • Attitude for fun!

Please leave cell phones home, or know we will keep them in the office during the day.

During the week of camp, campers may ask to bring things in from home to support the acting, such as props or costume accessories. It is up to the parent’s discretion if items can be brought from home.

What to expect theatrically during the week?

Campers will be learning a play during the week. They will be asked to work on lines and blocking when not at camp. Even if not a musical, they may also learn songs and dance moves. It is a busy week with a great deal of information our campers are learning. But it is fun and energetic. Just be ready for some tired campers who will need their rest at night! The director will cast roles based on a mini- audition process on the first day of camp, and everyone gets a role! Some kids will have more lines to learn than other, yet all the roles are important to make the show.

Tuition Assistance

Don’t let the price of tuition stop you from making theatre! Spruce Peak Arts provides scholarships based on financial need, discounts to EBT cardholders and opportunities for work exchange. Please see webpage for Tuition Assistance application.

Become a Member & Save!

Become a Member and save on tuition!

Health and Safety

Please review Spruce Peak Arts Covid-19 policies for current information. Recommendations will be updated as guidance changes so check back.  We’ll also confirm expectations before camp starts!

Accidents or Emergencies:

The information that you completed at registration will be used in case of emergencies. Parents, please encourage safety at all times.

Spruce Peak Arts Phone Numbers

If you need to reach your camper during camp call:

Box Office: 802.760.4634
Julianne Nickerson (Dir. of Education): 802.760.4637 (office) 802.238.4666 (cell)
Hope Sullivan (Executive Director): 802.760.4635 (office) 347.203.7727 (cell)

Spruce Peak Arts Theater Camp Staff

A Theater Director will lead the camp supported by an Assistant Director, both supervised by the Director of Education.  Spruce Peak Arts staff are on hand to manage the facility and in the event of an emergency.

Spruce Peak Arts Staff your camper will meet:

Hope Sullivan, Executive Director
Belinda Emerson, Technical Director
Julianne Nickerson, Director of Education
Hayley Fien, Development and Marketing Associate
Linda Hunter, Deputy Director


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