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Mountainfilm on Tour

Saturday, September 22

Enjoy a selection of culturally rich, adventure-packed and incredibly inspiring documentary short films curated from the Mountainfilm festival in Telluride, Colorado.

All films will explore the themes connected to Spruce Peak Performing Art Centers mission: to inspire, educate, and entertain audiences to create a better world. At each screening a Mountainfilm presenter will guide the audience through the program providing insight on the films, filmmakers and subjects.

VIPs DJ JaBig will join us for the 3pm Family Matinee and Riccarda de Eccher will join us for the 7pm Festival Screening. – Click here to learn more!

The Family Friendly Matinee 3pm screening line up is (in alpha order):

A New View of the Moon is just the reminder we need to keep looking up. Directed by: Wylie Overstreet  (2018 USA / Duration: 4 mins):

Brighter Night: a dash of spelunking. A pinch of ice climbing. A sprinkle of semi-psychedelic light show. Directed by: Jordan Halland (2018 USA / Duration: 5 mins)

Brothers of Climbing, the group’s positive energy is increasing diversity and challenging stereotypes in the climbing world. Directed by: Duncan Sullivan (2017 USA / Duration: 7 mins)

Drop Everything: Michelle Parker Segment, fast, fearless, steep and deep: that about sums up Michelle Parker as she carves graceful lines into the spines of Alaska. Directed by: Scott Gaffney (2017 USA / Duration: 4 mins)

Escape: There is something gloriously incongruous about a risk-averse, non-athletic, native Rwandan DJ finding the real meaning in his life by pedaling across Canada to its frozen Arctic Ocean shore for the longest, continuous, fixed- gear bike ride. Directed by: Anjali Nayar (2018 Canada / Duration: 8 mins)

Intersection: Micayla Gatto takes us inside the vibrant space where artist and athlete collide, as she pedals through her artwork with a splash of color. Directed by: Lacy Kemp (2017 Canada / Duration: 5 mins)

Loved By All: The Story of Apa Sherpa leaves no doubt that for many Sherpa, the hard, dangerous work of hauling gear and guiding westerners on Everest is undertaken not for glory, but to provide for their families. Directed by: Eric Crosland (2017 Canada / Duration: 14 mins)

My Mom Vala: this short film paints the fantastical and mysterious country of Greenland through Mathilda’s fantasies and Vala’s eyes as a fishing guide. Directed by: RC Cone (2018 Greenland / Duration: 10 mins)

Sky Migrations: twice a year raptors soar overhead between British Columbia and Argentina on their seasonal migrations. It takes the entire Western Hemisphere to raise a hawk. Directed by: Charles Post, Forest Woodward, Max Lowe (2017 USA / Duration: 15 mins)

Surf the Line: the Flying Frenchies are back, and this time they are surfing a 2,000-foot highline in the Vercors Mountains of France laughing hysterically the whole way. Directed by: Jérémy Frey (2012 France / Duration: 2 mins)

The Wolf Pack chronicles a family raised the right way — on fresh air, high peaks and the wonder of the outdoors. Directed by: Nick Waggoner, Zac Ramras (2018 USA / Duration: 12 mins)

The 7pm Festival Screening line up is (in alpha order):

A Letter to Congressa short, lyrical visual poem was inspired by and is homage to Wallace Stegner’s 1960 “Letter to Congress,” in which the writer advocated for the preservation of the wilderness that then remained. Directed by: Christopher Newman (2017 USA / Duration: 3 mins)

Adventure Not War, racked by survivor’s guilt and reliving the horrors of their tours of duty, the amateur skiers are challenged to find redemption on rickety towropes and bony couloirs. Directed by: Max Lowe (2017 USA / Duration: 25 mins)

Climbing Out of a Disaster is about shifting your perspective to see the silver lining in calamity. Directed by: Dominic Gill (2018 USA / Duration: 9 mins)

Follow Through chronicles the journey of Utah skiing’s poster girl as she attempts an audacious goal: completing all 90 routes of the Chuting Gallery, a collection of the Wasatch Range’s most classic and gnarly lines. Directed by: Adam Clark (2017 USA / Duration: 22 mins)

Frontier of Firsts, true wilderness is hard found in an era of social media and geotagging. These kayakers won’t settle for second descents. Directed by: Tyler Allyn (2018 USA / Duration: 12 mins)

Hayley: 90 Seconds on Fear, “I must not fear. Fear is the mind killer. Fear is the little death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear.” That’s the mantra of Hayley Ashburn as she walks a 170-foot highline between outcroppings in the wintry Dolomites. Directed by: Stian Smestad (2017 Sweden / Duration: 1 mins)

One Hundred Thousand Beating Hearts, Will Harris is not a typical back-to-the-earth organic farming advocate: He’s a hard-bitten, fourth-generation, good ol’ boy, commodity cowboy who raised cattle in strictest post WWII industrial fashion. Directed by: Peter Byck  (2016 USA / Duration: 15 mins)

Riccarda de Eccher: Montagna, Riccarda de Eccher is twice blessed: She found her passion as a climber when she was young; and, she discovered her passion as a painter when her climbing years were past. Directed by: Dave Brown (2017 USA / Duration: 7 mins)

Rogue Elements: Corbet’s Couloir Segment, a rite of passage for any Jackson Hole skier, Corbet’s Couloir is conquered here not on two planks, but two wheels. Directed by: Todd Jones, Steve Jones (2017 USA / Duration: 4 mins)

Tamba, A random act of kindness from a stranger changes a young man’s life. Directed by: Derek Knowles, Spencer Seibert ( 2017 USA / Duration: 2 mins)

The Mirnavator, Teacher, blogger and mom Mirna Valerio is an endurance runner whose weekends are packed with marathons, 50Ks and other races. But she doesn’t fit into the typical mold of ultra-runner; Mirna is black, and she’s not stick thin. Directed by: Sarah Menzies (2017 USA / Duration: 11 mins)

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