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Omega Jade presents: Rhyme & UnReason

Rhyme & UnReason poster designed by Will Kasso
Saturday, October 23, 7:30pm

Omega Jade (Burlington, VT) is so glad to be bringing this to you, whether you join us in-person or virtually, enjoy the show!

The show starts and ends with a freestyle cypher amongst the MCs. Each comedian does a set of their material and a MC/rapper has to interpret the comedians’ jokes in a freestyle type of verse.

The show line-up includes comedians: Meredith Gordon, Ryan Kenyon, King-Sha-Mecca-Blaze, and Joel Klein. It also features MCs/rappers: Sedone, Jobu, Rajnii and Mavstar. DJ Ron Stoppable will be spinning beats provided by Rico James.

About Omega Jade: 

Omega Jade made her start in 2016 with stand up comedy. Six months after her first open mic, she was asked to be in her first show. An all black lineup with the name of Darker Side of Comedy, produced by Jade Marcotte. After the thrill of the first show, there was no stopping her grind. Eventually, that lead her to creating, producing and hosting her own show. A show that mixed two things she loved. Comedy and Hip Hop. It was called Rhyme & Unreason. The show involved stand up comedians doing their regular routines and MCs interpreting the routine with a freestyle verse. It was fresh, fun, and lasted a whole year. And then a pandemic happened. But while producing this show, she released her debut album Wounded Healer. She was given the opportunity to go on tour to open for Pace Won.

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