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Rhapsody in Black

Thursday, November 7, 11:00am

Rhapsody in Black is a one-man show that explores LeLand Gantt’s personal journey to understand and eventually transcend racism in America. A prismatic look at life on the color line, Gantt presents a poignant, enraging, and often hilarious travelogue through the psyche of the perpetual “other.” As he spends a lifetime struggling with what it means to be black, he ultimately understands what it means to be a man. A blistering indictment of tribalism in all forms, Rhapsody in Black deconstructs notions of race and identity–provoking thought, realigning perspectives, and sparking the conversation we need right now.

Links to blackness and black identity, racism, America, cultural awareness, otherness, empathy

Standards: CC ELA: RL 1-10, SL 1-4, L 3-6 & C3.D2.Civ.1, 6, 7, 10, 14

Length: 1 hour + Q&A

Educational materials available here.