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Spruce Peak Chamber Music Society: Voices of Women

Saturday, March 28, 7:00pm

Tickets: $38 (includes all taxes and fees)

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The year 2020 marks the 100th anniversary of women’s right to vote, a milestone and a victory that took decades of struggle and determination. The female composers whom we will celebrate in our final concert of this 2019-2020 season were equally passionate, committed and determined to be heard. On March 28th, we will toast the women composers who made a significant impact in the world of music, some of whom endured much resistance and judgement to have their voices heard. As Artistic Director Jia Kim, and the group of amazing musicians assembled for this special evening, highlight the incredible lives and works of these women composers, you can join us for a celebration truly worthy of praise and adoration! The March 28th program will feature Fanny Mendelssohn, Amy Beach, Florence Price, Clara Schumann and more trail blazers.

A celebration of female musical artists and their trailblazing contributions in music.

Florence Price- Dances in the Canebrakes
Yannick Rafalimanana

Rebecca Clarke- Morpheus 
Molly Carr/Yannick Rafalimanana

Fanny Mendelssohn Piano Trio
II. Andante expressivo
III. Allegretto 
Jennifer Liu/Jia Kim/Yannick Rafalimanana

Rebecca Clarke Sonata for Viola & Piano
I. Impetuoso
II. Vivace
Molly Carr/Yannick Rafalimanana

Amy Beach- Romance
Jennifer Liu/Yannick Rafalimanana

Clara Schumann Piano Trio
I. Allegro Moderato 
Jennifer Liu/Jia Kim/Yannick Rafalimanana