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Walk Two Moons

Friday, October 11, 10:00am

The National Players present a moving adaptation of the award-winning novel about family, identity, and coming-of-age. While driving cross-country with her grandparents in search of her mother, 13-year-old Sal meets many eccentric characters, but none more so than Phoebe, the main character in the stories she tells to entertain her grandparents. Phoebe’s story bursts with wild conspiracy theories of her own missing mother, which helps Sal confront her own loss. But with a deadline looming, Sal might not make it in time to reunite with the one person she wants to find most.

Links to: family, identity, indigenous peoples/cultures/traditions, coming of age, literature, loss

Standards: CC ELA: RL 1-10, SL 1-4, L 4-6, RH 1, 2, 9, WHST 1, 4, 7-9 & C3.D2.Civ.10, His.3, 5

Length: 90 minutes